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Global Sealants SA is a dynamic company supplying the South African market with an integrated assortment of building sealants, silicones, polyurethane foams, adhesives and automotive products, for the industrial and retail customer, under the brand name Global.

The management of Global Sealants has had more than 30 years experience in this industry. Our business was founded on the distribution and production of these products throughout the European market as well as Russia and the USA. This knowledge and long-term experience gave birth to the foundation of Global Sealants South Africa cc.

The brand Global became sought-after due to its wide assortment of products, competitive pricing and top quality, backed by guarantees from world-leading producers of chemical compounds for the building industry. Global products are carefully manufactured from the finest raw materials supplied by the most respected companies in this field - GE Bayer Silicones, Wacker-Chemie, BASF.

Global Sealants SA provides for its customers in the building, motor, refrigeration, shipping, assembly, upholstery, furnishing, food and retail industries and so much more, assuring prompt delivery of our range of polyurethane foams, sealants, silicones, adhesives, automotive products and complements. Ever observant of market development and our customers' requirements, we constantly develop new products in order to meet today's demanding criteria. With a reputation for reliability, exceptional service and professional technical support, we lay firm ground for long-term cooperation with our customers. Precisely prepared promotional materials and technical user manuals markedly help to easily understand how to choose and use our products.